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Stop by the rules is continuation of ‘Safety, My Second Name’ campaign. The keynote this year will come down to educating the drivers about the issues related to the rules of correct stopping on the motorway, if the car breaks down.

At several locations on the A1 AmberOne Motorway, the Police will be stopping vehicles at random to instruct their drivers on how to stop properly, should the vehicle break down. Alongside a brochure discussing the rules of correct stopping on the motorway, the drivers will be presented with a safety torch and/or reflective vest. Similar checks will be repeated in February, March, May, and November.

The campaign elements will also include leaflets of the ‘Stop by the Rules’ series. These will be available e.g. at the toll gates of the A1 AmberOne Motorway over the duration of the action.

The leaflet can be downloaded from our website (download here).

Hopefully, the ‘Stop by the Rules’ campaign will imprint several golden rules in the minds of the motorway and express road users keeping them safe and sound. Here are the golden rules we should abide by:

  • Do not stop anywhere else but on the emergency lane, as far right as possible
  • Leave the car through the right door
  • Warn others, i.e. turn on the emergency lights, put on a reflective vest, and place the warning triangle on the lane, at least 100 m before the place you have stopped
  • Do not move anywhere else but on the emergency lane or the grass
  • Phone for help
  • Await assistance staying on the grass and keeping a safe distance from the vehicle.

Other elements of the campaign include:

The Voivodship Police Headquarters in Gdańsk has taken patronage over the ‘Safety, My Second Name – Stop by the Rules’ campaign seeing to its content. As for the media, our sponsors are: Radio Gdańsk and Radio PiK. The City Police Headquarters in Grudziądz and Poviat Police Headquarters in Świecie have also joined the action.


Play Hopscotch Win A Life!

Our campaign, ‘Safety, My Second Name’ is unfolding. Our new edition, ‘Play Hopscotch – Win A Life’, has been joined by new partners, that is shopping malls in the cities along the A1 AmberOne Motorway: the Riviera Centre and Matarnia Shopping Park in the Tri-City, the Grudziądz Gallery, the Łódź Gallery, and the Toruń Plaza.

When on the estates of these shopping malls, you will notice painted colourful hopscotch grids. They are there for anyone below the age of 99 to play, but more importantly, they are there to promote learning first-aid. Whoever hops, can learn or remember the fundamental first-aid principles depicted symbolically in the grid rectangles.

If you happen to come across our hopscotch site, do not hesitate to play – you will see it work for yourselves! The simple game will get the idea of what to do in a critical situation rooted deep in your minds, and maybe thanks to it someday one of you will save a human life. It is more than important – knowing the rules of first aid you will not feel helpless, but instead will be able to react properly whenever human life is at risk.

You will also find a hopscotch grid at the Service Areas, and it would be worth your while to use it as an opportunity to explain the idea to your children – you know, ‘What youth is used to…’. And, remember to download our free first-aid application. You can import it from or get it at a Play outlet.

Fasten your belts correctly

The action pursued hand in hand with the Police is aimed at promoting correct belting and carrying of children.  The checks held have unfortunately revealed that quite a number of road users do not belt themselves, and most of us do not realise that when fastening the belt we should at least make sure the belt is not twisted, properly tense, and is positioned correctly on the body.  That is why, the A1 AmberOne Motorway and the Police resolved to refresh the drivers’ knowledge of how to belt and carry children properly.  The action consisted in stopping the cars on the A1 AmberOne Motorway for checks of the correct belting.  Each stopped driver was given an instruction and presented with a leaflet compiling information on the rules of belting and carrying children.  The accompanying online action on our FB profile promoted the belt-fastening rules and combined it with a photo competition.

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