Additional marking at the gates dedicated to the AmberGO system

Observing the behavior of drivers using the AmberGO automatic payment system at the AmberOne A1 Motorway  gates dedicated to this system, we noticed that they often have a  problem with the proper determination of the speed slowdown zone in which the license plate number is read by the camera.  This results in driving up to the barrier itself (too far), then reversing and re-driving  up to the barrier. Performing unnecessary maneuvers delays the passage at unmanned gates and disturbs the flow of traffic, contrary to the intentions of the system. Therefore, the Motorway Operator proposed to implement a solution that will reduce the situations described above and thus increase the functionality of the AmberGO system.

At the end of April, the zones in which the license plate should be located will be  marked at  the  gates dedicated to the  AmberGO system so that the  camera located on the poles behind the barrier can make the correct reading of the numbers.  Marking the zones will consist in painting a   blue rectangle  on the surface with the camera symbol in the middle.

We hope that the additional marking of the reading area of the license plates will improve the passage through the gates and increase the efficiency of the AmberGO system. Currently, more than a million drivers use this modern solution that effectively reduces congestion at the gates.

New marking of belts dedicated to the AmberGO system.

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