AmberOne – Motorway A1


The system of automatic toll collection without tickets and without making payments at gates!

AmberOne A1 Motorway

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How it’s working?

AmberGO is an automatic payment system for the AmberOne highway A1.

  • you  install the AmberOne application on your phone or one of the payment applications: SkyCash or Autopay and register in the system
  •  you are already in the system 15 minutes after registration and cameras recognize the vehicle’s registration number on the gate
  • you pass the gate without stopping, because the payment is done online

It’s easy! Just download and install one of these applications to pass gates without stopping. Before AmberGO users, the gates open and the green light comes on, automatically, and payment is taken online at the exit.

It’s faster! Payments are 3x faster, thanks to which – if many users will use the AmberGO system – traffic jams on the gates will be reduced dramatically.

It’s safe! You pass the gate without stopping and you pay without contact: you don’t even open the window, collect the ticket and pay the collectors.

How to register?

  •  download and install the application on your phone AmberOne SkyCash or Autopay
  •  in the selected application you provide your data, vehicle data and payment card
  •  after 15 minutes registration is already active and you can pass the gates without stopping

How does it work on gates?

  • you  drive slowly to the gate, keeping the distance from the previous vehicle
  • at the entry gates cameras read the registration number, the system recognizes the registration number, automatically lights up the green light and raises the barrier
  • at the exit gates the cameras read the registration number, the system recognizes the registration number, automatically lights the green light and raises the barrier, and downloads payment online

What applications support  the AmberGO system?

You pass through the gates not waiting a minute!

The system works on all gates.
The system works on all gates.

The system works on all gates.

NOTE, this is important!

If you are not a user registered in the AmberGO system, do not use a gate with camera symbol as  you will not get a ticket there, and at the exit there is no collector to serve you there.

Dedicated AmberGO entry gate
Dedicated AmberGO entry gate
Dedicated AmberGO exit gate
Dedicated AmberGO exit gate

Before you set off, make sure that the credit balance on the card linked to the selected application will be sufficient to pay the toll.

If you collect the ticket at the entry, make sure you choose a manned exit gate.

The drivers registered in the AmberGO system can pass through any gate without stopping – Note! Adjust your speed and keep your distance between the car before you so that the camera can read the registration of your car.

Make sure you choose which application you want to use and disable the other. If you have more than one application active AmberGO automatically will chose which application will be charged with the toll – which cannot be changed in arrears.


What if the boom at the entry gate will not lift?

On a gate dedicated only for AmberGO: press the SOS button, the personnel will assist you through the intercom.

Collect the traditional entry ticket. You will need it at the exit to identify the place of your entry onto the road, since your registration has not been verified correctly.  In this situation, you must choose a manned gate for manual toll collection at the exit, as your passage through a dedicated gate will be impossible.

What if the boom at the exit gate will not lift?

If at the dedicated AmberGO-only gate: press the SOS button; you will be put in touch with personnel that will assist you.

If at the mixed traditional and AmberGO payment gate: tell the collector that you are an AmberGO user and give him/her your car registration number.


Questions and answers

Here are the answers to the most frequently asked questions about the new AmberGO payment system.



Please, forward any questions on the payments, use of the application and the system, and the invoices to the following addresses:

In case of using AmberOne application –

In case of using Autopay application –

In case of using Skycash application –

Please, forward any question on the area covered by the AmberGO system and the passage price list to the following address –