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Let’s respect each other!

AmberOne A1 motorway is not just a road. This is a lot of initiatives and activities aimed at improving road safety. On the growing amount of inappropriate and reckless behavior of drivers, we answer: LET US RESPECT EACH OTHER! The new social campaign will remind you of the safety rules – but not only. The main emphasis is on the personal motivation of each driver who makes a choice every day on the road: to do right or wrong.

It’s really easy to choose right! The feeling of being in a close relationship is enough. We do not do anything bad to our families, friends and acquaintances. It is obvious that we do not put them at risk, we care for and protect them. They are our relatives after all. As a driver, it is worth asking yourself: how close are we to other people on the road? The answer is unequivocal: very close. Often by a meter.

Let’s focus on a simple rule: a sense of community and mutual kindness. Kindness – not aggression, responsibility – not competition, respect – not contempt. The words RESPECT EACH OTHER are addressed to all road users. WE it’s everyone, private and professional drivers, motorcyclists, cyclists and pedestrians. Remember this: road safety is the kindness and respect we show each other! The sense of responsibility for one another makes respecting common principles the most obvious thing in the world.

The first edition of the campaign is dedicated to drivers of heavy goods vehicles, and its subsequent editions will be addressed to drivers of passenger cars and motorcyclists. The partners of AmberOne A1 Motorway in the Let’s RESPECT EACH OTHER campaign are the DCT GDAŃSK container terminal, ADAR international spedition and the SHELL petrol station network. The media patronage over the campaign was taken by the portal.

More info about campaing on

Change of the toll rates for the longest passages on the AmberOne

For the summer season, we are rounding off the toll rates for passages on the A1 AmberOne Motorway, sections: Rusocin – Nowa Wieś, Rusocin – Turzno, and Rusocin – Lubicz, both ways.  The change applies to automobiles.

The Amber + loyalty program starts in June!

Dear drivers, we invite you to the next edition of the Amber + program. Spring outside the window, summer just around here, and the rewards for using our motorway are waiting for you!  

This year’s Amber + edition is available for all vehicle categories (excluding motorcycles) using the AmberOne A1 Motorway. For security reasons due to the prevailing Covid-19 pandemic, the Amber + program will be initially only available to drivers paying tolls in the AmberGO system.

AmberGO is the safest and fastest way to pay for AmberOne on the A1 Motorway. Users paying in a traditional way will be able to join the program at a later date, depending on the current epidemiological situation.

What do you need to do to join the Amber + program in electronic version?

  • Register in the AmberGO system by choosing the free payment processing application (Skycash or Autopay).
  • If you are an active AmberGO user, all you have to do is accept the regulations and agree to participate by clicking the appropriate button in the payment application (Skycash or Autopay).
  • Collect stamps for AmberOne trips on the A1 Motorway in the application (Skycash or Autopay).
  • After collecting a set of 8 stamps / journeys in the application (Skycash or Autopay), collect the prize: a glass travel bottle in a thermal case! You can collect the award at SHELL stations at MOP Olsze East  and MOP Olsze West until December 31, 2020 or while supplies last.

Christmas card competition 2019!

The next edition of the Christmas card competition is coming to an end. We invite you to visit our gallery, in which we present all submitted works taking part in the competition. And there were 59 of them this year. Among them is the one that will be our Christmas card this year!

The winners will be announced on December 12, 2019, when the awards and diplomas will be officially presented.

Competition participants will receive in-kind prizes, while the guardianship will receive a cash prize. Keep your fingers crossed for your favorites!


A film of the ‘Hold on, grownups!’ series awarded at the FilmAT Festival

The international jury of this year’s 14th FilmAT Festival (the International Tourism and Corporate Film Festival) proclaimed the AmberOne A1 Motorway a winner!  One of the episodes of our HOLD ON, GROWNUPS! film (the series also known as a ‘comedy serial with lessons’), namely How to Check your Location?, won THE BEST FILM award in the category of ROAD SAFETY!

The Board of the International Tourfilm Academy also recognised our Road Safety efforts by awarding a PRIZE to the whole serial for its informative and educational values, all this happening in the exceptional year of the Polish Presidency of the Euro Controle Route.

You can watch all episodes of the “Hold on, Grownups” series on our YT channel.  Here is the link to the winning episode:

Fun with AmberOne A1 Motorway, i.e. how efficiently teach children safety rules

The school began so we are back with the campaign under the motto: STOP BY THE RULES!, which focuses on safety rules valid not only on motorways, but in cities and smaller localities as well. Our attention focuses on children who frequently move about unattended e.g. going to and coming back from school. This is why, bearing in mind that: ‘As the twig is bent…’, even the youngest children are taught the traffic rules and first aid skills.

AmberOne has devised a way to give primary school pupils excellent play-time. Deviously though, in the times of computer games and applications AmberOne has gone for the manual form of an educational game –blown up to a gigantic scale! The large-format and interactive installation with a whole series of tasks and challenges fixed to the walls, will be put up in schools is back at schools. To solve the subsequent problems and win scores the children will have to use their knowledge of traffic safety rules and first aid, backed with creativity and the skill of tracking down hints. The final to be held in each school will consist of a topical quiz combined with a blow-up of a board game where the pupils themselves will be the pawns. It looks like a lot of fun ahead! Till the end of year 2019 we will visit 3 schools. As for now please have a look  HERE at the movie from our previous edition.

Summary of the summer holiday safety action on the A1 AmberOne Motorway

The summer check-points arranged on Thursdays to test the technical condition of the vehicles under the action: ‘Safety – My Second Name’ was closed with 163 vehicles checked and 152 educational packs distributed; the packs contained a colouring book, crayons, leaflets, and LED pendants. 3 registration cards were seized in effect of the checks held (missing timely technical inspections). In addition, the action included first aid workshops organised at MOP Kleszczewko. During the last workshop officers of the Traffic Department, Pomeranian Police, trained as many as 150 people in first aid. The youngest participants in the workshops demonstrated extensive knowledge and skills. Thank you for your engagement!

The Amber+ Loyalty Programme is back

This year’s edition of the Amber+ loyalty programme is dedicated to drivers of vehicles category 1 (except for motorcycles), taking the A1 AmberOne Motorway.  The cards are distributed periodically from the tolling plazas at Rusocin and Nowa Wieś.  The second round of the cards will be presented between 4 – 9 September 2019.
What should I do to join the Amber+ programme?
• Collect your loyalty card at the motorway gates in Rusocin or Nowa Wieś.  Each card is appended with discount coupons the driver can use at the SHELL petrol stations at MOP Olsze East and MOP Olsze West.
• Collect the complete set of 10 stamps on your loyalty card, or 8 points in the autopay application if you choose to join the electronic version of the programme, dedicated to the users of the AmberGO system.
• Collect your prize: a WASTE BAG!  Once you have accumulated 10 stamps, or 8 points in the autopay application, you can collect your prize at the SHELL petrol stations at MOP Olsze East and MOP Olsze West.  The prize will be waiting for you until 31 December 2019, or until we run out of stock.
To see the rules of the Amber+ programme click here.

Planuj wakacyjne podróże

Sprawdź przewidywane godziny największego natężenia ruchu na bramkach AmberOne Autostrady A1 w LIPCU.
Zaplanuj podróż tak, by ich uniknąć!
Zapoznaj się z ulotką lub pobierz ją na swój telefon.

Full functionality of the AmberGO automatic payment method!

As of 25 June 2019, the automatic payment method, AmberGO, has worked at all junctions and all gates located on the A1 AmberOne Motorway. Listening to the feedback from the AmberGO users, we have marked all gates as appropriate.  In addition, a dedicated gate available solely for active users of the AmberGO will be launched at each of the toll plazas.  The latter gate will bear the symbol of AmberGO and a crossed symbol of the toll collector meaning that traditional payment method (cash/card) will not be available there.

We are providing the users with a modern, functional, and well-working payment method which offers a chance for shortening the queues which form at the motorway gates in the peak traffic time, i.e. the summer vacation period. AmberGO and off you go …..!