Before the holidays, Telepass joins the group of operators enabling the toll for the A1 AmberOne Motorway.

Before the holidays, Telepass joins the group of operators enabling the toll for the A1 AmberOne Motorway.


  • More than one and a half million drivers are already quickly and efficiently passing the gates of the A1 AmberOne Motorway thanks to the AmberGO automatic payment system.


  • Since June 15th, Telepass customers have been able to benefit from the convenience of this solution.


20 June 2023 – Gdańsk Transport Company and Telepass, the leading Italian company in integrated mobility, announce the extension of the toll payment service for heavy vehicles (over 3.5 tons) and buses to the A1 AmberOne Motorway in Poland. Telepass is already offering its tolling services in Poland in the national e-TOLL system and on the A4 motorway, marking the company as the only operator to offer a complete European toll payment service in the country.


The AmberGO automatic payment system has been operating since 2019 at all gates of the A1 AmberOne Motorway.The service covers a 152km stretch of the Bursztynowa Highway from Rusocin to Nowa Wies and is based on a video toll system which automatically identifies the license plate of any vehicle crossing the AmberGO gate. To use automatic payment, it is enough to drive through any gate designated exclusively for AmberGO, marked with the camera symbol.


Vehicles with a Telepass SAT and Telepass EU device on board can now travel on A1 AmberOne Motorway without stopping and pay afterwards with one single invoice for all toll domains Telepass is already accredited. It is possible to activate the payment service for the A1 Motorway through Telepass Sales Partners present in all Europe. The service is available on Satellite and DSRC Telepass devices, also already active.


The AmberGO system was the first in Poland to start the stage of automatic motorway payments based on videotolling. We are constantly expanding the system by expanding the range of operators supporting automatic payments. Therefore, we are very pleased that Telepass joins the group of operators supporting AmberGO, which has a chance to increase the number of active users using modern payment methods. Currently, 38% of motorway transactions are carried out using automatic payments,” explains Wojciech Mąkinia, Vice President of the Management Board of Gdańsk Transport Company.


With the extension of the toll payment service on the A1 motorway in Poland and the successful collaboration with Gdańsk Transport Company, Telepass confirms its mission to simplify the movement of people and goods in Europe, facilitating passages between several countries through a single interoperable device” – commented Francesco Maria Cenci, Head of Toll and Retail Business Unit of Telepass, who continues: “Poland is a strategic point for the world of European road haulage, connecting transport flows between East and West. By strengthening our service in this country, we intend to be even closer to hauliers, providing them with an innovative and integrated solution“.

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