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AmberOne A1 Motorway

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Competition „AmberOne Close to Us”

The competition awards will go to the projects pursued by the local organisations based in the communes on the A1 AmberOne Motorway, i.e. on the 152 km section of the A1 Motorway, between Rusocin and Nowa Wieś.

The idea behind the competition is to support bottom-up social initiatives carried out jointly by the local community, and the GTC employees, if possible, all contributing to higher life quality of the communities.

Additional premium scores will be given to projects involving safety-related actions (e.g. education in road traffic safety, enhancement of safety in traffic through introduction of technical, infrastructural, and other solutions) and pro-environmental initiatives (connected with e.g. the planting of vegetation, cleaning water reservoirs or the ground).

The competition is open to foundations, associations, community committees, rural housewife clubs, culture centres, libraries, parishes, volunteer fire brigades, hunter clubs, and other social organisations based in the community where the project entered for the competition is to be implemented.

The competition is not intended for local authorities and their agencies, entrepreneurs, political parties or other organisations of political nature.

The call for applications for this year’s edition has been completed.