Eco that is ecologically and economically. A foot off the gas? Count, because it’s worth it!

Driving 300 km of a motorway section at a speed of 140 km / h is as much as 67 kg of CO2 in the case of a medium-sized passenger car! To neutralize such carbon dioxide emissions, it takes the annual “work” of 4 trees.

It is really worth thinking about changing your driving style. Especially since this change is very simple. “Foot off the gas” by 20 km/h or even by 10 km/h brings many tangible benefits, both for our wallet and for nature.

A practical tool prepared for travellers is the CO₂ emissions calculator, which is now also available on our website. The calculator clearly allows you to look at two possibilities: reducing fuel costs and reducing exhaust gas production, thanks to the use of one of the principles of eco-driving, popularly known as “foot off the gas”.

The exhaust emissions calculator is the main element of the motorway campaign, confronting us with the scale of pollution produced. Travel is an inseparable part of everyday life, and the motorway is the safest place to carry them out – but the state of our climate is our joint responsibility, so it is worth learning and using every available way to reduce CO2 emissions.

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