AmberGreen aims to implement as many “green” solutions as possible to protect the climate. The expected effect of our actions will be to minimize the environmental impact of the motorway. The programme will implement projects related to the gradual introduction of ecological solutions to infrastructure and surroundings on or near the Motorway, e.g. LED lighting, solar panels, waste segregation on MOPs, cooperation with beekeepers, planting plants or environmental education.

Eco = economically and ecologically

The concepts of economic and ecological driving are not identical, but by driving economically at the same time we reduce exhaust emissions into the atmosphere. It is really worth thinking about changing the driving style. Especially since this change is very simple. “Foot off the gas” by 20 km / h or even by 10 km / h brings many measurable benefits, both for our wallet and for nature.

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Hold on to the rules of ECOdriving

Eco-driving is a new way of thinking, strongly related to the ability to anticipate and plan while driving. This trend arose from the need to stop climate change and is in line with EU directives on the reduction of pollutant emissions into the environment. Ecodriving since 1 January 2015 is a mandatory element assessed in Poland during the driving test.

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The Łąka project – first in Poland motorway flower meadow

The pilot hectare of flower meadow, was sowed in April 2021 at the Stanisławie junction.
The Łąka project is implemented in cooperation with the Łąka Foundation, which has been promoting and establishing flower meadows for years. On the test plot on SPO Stanisławie, it grows precisely selected mixtures of seeds of 38 types of plants, cornflowers, sage, clover, chicory, Santa Claus, carrots, poppy seeds, nostril and primrose. About 100,000 plants with 6 million individual flowers grew in the meadow at the peak of summer, feeding potentially 160,000 bees and other pollinators.

In 2023, 3 ha of flower meadows were already blooming along the A1 AmberOne Motorway.

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Plantings close to us

In the coming years, under the AmberGreen programme, the AmberOne A1 Motorway concessionaire will provide funds for plant seedlings to municipalities along the motorway that express an interest in participating in the project. Deciduous trees and shrubs will be preferred, because the idea of the project is – in addition to increasing the attractiveness of the municipality – primarily to reduce CO2 levels and increase oxygen production in regions close to the motorway. Any municipality’s planting projects to be co-funded by AmberGreen must be prepared and implemented, as well as maintained in the future, by the respective municipality.

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How animals wanted to cross the road

We run recurring classes for primary school students in Pomerania. The theme of the classes are green animal crossings, located on expressways and highways.

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Green journey

Green Journey is a scaled outdoor game in which children are themselves “pawns”. It is a game that raises the topics of safety in travel and pro-ecological behavior, which will provide a good portion of movement and entertainment, as well as knowledge for all – not only holiday – “green travels”.

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Play green

Play Green is a board game for the whole Family, in which the stake is to save the Planet! In a set of tasks and questions, the state of knowledge, skills and habits of each player quickly comes to light – of course, about ecology. How to save energy? What are pollinators? Is it better to live on the lawn or in a flower meadow? These are some of the challenges posed by AmberOne A1 motorway to five, fifty and centenarians.

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