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AmberOne Close to Us

The idea of ​​the AmberOne Close to Us program, which we have been implementing since 2017, is to support small social initiatives that are important from the point of view of ecology and road safety in the municipalities around our highway. Local communities have the best knowledge of their needs and the greatest willingness to improve the infrastructure of their area, contributing to the improvement of the quality of life of these communities.

As part of the program, we annually organize a competition in which we award and finance projects of local organizations from communes located between Rusocin and Nowa Wieś. Our support has so far reached ten organizations, run by fantastic and enthusiastic people. Thanks to the funds obtained, fourteen villages have already created, among others: bicycle sheds, bicycle town, green squares, lighting, new meeting places that have replaced neglected places, and in addition children, young people and adults will learn and consolidate the rules of road safety and the basics of pro-ecological behavior. Below we present projects implemented under the program.

Winning projects in 2021

Winning projects in 2020

Winning projects in 2019

Zwycięskie projekty w 2017 roku