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Competition AmberGreen

As part of the AmberGreen program, greenery  planting projects will be selected in the municipalities through which the AmberOne A1 Motorway runs, i.e. on the 152 km stretch of the A1 motorway from Rusocina to Toruń Południe.

AmberGreen aims to invest in green solutions that will contribute to tackling climate change. The expected effect of our actions will be to reduce the environmental impact of our project.

Plantings consisting of deciduous trees and shrubs are preferred in projects that can apply for funding, as the project aims to compensate for CO2 emitted by motorway users and create rest and relaxation areas for residents. In addition, projects including the creation of flowery meadows and places friendly to bees and other pollinators will be scored.

The beneficiaries of the grant may be local authorities and offices which are established in the municipality on whose territory the project is to be carried out, notified under the grant.

The call for applications for the 2022 edition has ended.

The winner of this year eddition is Dragacz commune.




Drawing competition – Motorway Christmas card

Since 2008, Gdańsk Transport Company SA has been organizing an art competition for a Christmas highway card for children from Kuyavian-Pomeranian educational and care institutions. The competition participants’ task is to design and make a Christmas and New Year’s cards containing a highway theme. The winning work becomes the basis for the Christmas card sent to the company’s clients. The winners of the competition receive in-kind prizes, while the institution receives a cash prize for a holiday trip. In addition, when organizing the competition, GTC employees organize collection of clothing for the pupils of institutions participating in the competition.

Competition „AmberOne Close to Us”

The competition awards will go to the projects pursued by the local organisations based in the communes on the A1 AmberOne Motorway, i.e. on the 152 km section of the A1 Motorway, between Rusocin and Nowa Wieś.

The idea behind the competition is to support bottom-up social initiatives carried out jointly by the local community, and the GTC employees, if possible, all contributing to higher life quality of the communities.

Additional premium scores will be given to projects involving safety-related actions (e.g. education in road traffic safety, enhancement of safety in traffic through introduction of technical, infrastructural, and other solutions) and pro-environmental initiatives (connected with e.g. the planting of vegetation, cleaning water reservoirs or the ground).

The competition is open to foundations, associations, community committees, rural housewife clubs, culture centres, libraries, parishes, volunteer fire brigades, hunter clubs, and other social organisations based in the community where the project entered for the competition is to be implemented.

The competition is not intended for local authorities and their agencies, entrepreneurs, political parties or other organisations of political nature.

The winning projects in this year’s edition of AmberOne  Close  to Us are:

– Association of Historical Heritage of Pomerania with the project “Ecological and safe Pelplin – together with the city to the rescue of bees”

– Municipal Public Library in Mały Rudnik with the project “Nature is the key – the rural beekeeper”



The AmberOne Close to Us Competition results 2019

In our competition: AmberOne Close to Us, we received 8 applications, out of which 7 satisfied the formal requirements.  All submitted applications were entered in the category: AmberOne Close to Us 5000.  The jury selected 4 winning projects and awarded 1 distinction.  Below, we present brief descriptions of the winning projects.


MOP – A Young Responsible Traveller – Applicant: Commune Public Library in Lubicz, commune of Lubicz, voivodship of Kuyavy-Pomerania


The project concerns organisation of summer holiday classes for children at five libraries in the commune of Lubicz.  The educational classes will focus on topics connected broadly with safety and development of pro-environmental attitudes.  The classes will involve meetings with a paramedic, police officer, fire-fighter, and a road patrol member.  The children will also be taken for a trip to the road traffic fun park in Toruń.  Under the project, the children will create a board game on the traffic rules, and posters promoting safety during the summer holidays.  The project will also involve planting vegetation in the flower beds at the schools and pre-school.

The actions will bring the effect of increased conscious and responsible participation in road traffic, and triggered public interest in the safety issue.  Joint planting of the vegetation in the flower beds at the schools and pre-school, followed by joint caring for and tending to the plants will constitute another permanent effect attained.


To Teach the Young, to Remind the Elder – Ecology and Health – Applicant: OSP [Voluntary Fire Fighters] Gorzędziej, commune of Subkowy, voivodship of Pomerania


The aim adopted for the project is to build a bicycle traffic fun park attractive to and original for the local community, which will address the needs voiced by the residents of the Gorzędziej village area.

Many residents cycle on local roads (frequently unlit) having no knowledge of the road traffic regulations or rules.  The park will enable teaching children to cycle in compliance with the law, and refreshing the regulations to the adults.  Not neglectable either, will be the organised training sessions in first pre-medical aid.  All this will largely improve the safety of cyclists and of other participants in the road traffic.  In its arrangement, the park will also provide opportunities to teach and promote the road traffic rules.  The engagement of the residents in execution of the planned project will further pertain to their integration and rooting their identification with their home place even deeper.  In addition, the plans envisage organising courses for the cycling licence and training in first pre-medical aid in subsequent years.  The project includes placing information and training boards on the road traffic rules and first aid.  The mounting of solar-sourced lighting on the site will make the park and its attractions accessible for much longer hours.

The site designated for the park will gain a lot in attractiveness for sport and recreation thanks to new lawns, new bushes and trees to be planted on the bicycle fun park route.



A Fairy-Tale Pond Thanks to Assistance of the AmberOne – Applicant: OSP Drzonowo, commune of Lisewo, voivodship of Kuyavy-Pomerania


The project goal is defined as clearing and revamping the neglected and partially overgrown pond in the centre of Drzonowo, and fencing it off on the road side with a metal fence.  In pursuance of the project, the dwellers of Drzonowo will tidy and level the ground, plant trees, and arrange flower beds.  Three wooden benches will be installed on the tidied site.  The applicants anticipate that thanks to the actions Drzonowo will gain a place which will grow to become the „heart” of the village, and the existing view-spoiling pond will give way to a residents’ meeting place.  With the terrain tidied, the drivers on the nearby road will also gain better visibility.  In addition, the project will involve meetings organised for children and teenagers where fire-fighters will not only talk about safe behaviour on the road and in its vicinities, but also organise demonstrations for the youngest of how to give first aid.


Play the Green – Applicant: the Association for the Historic Heritage of Pomerania, commune of Pelplin, voivodship of Pomerania


The project aims at improving the safety of road traffic and the safety of children and teenagers going to and coming back from school.  It is also intended to draw attention to the degree of pollution on our planet, continue educating the youngest in garbage segregation, and purchase and plant bushes on the school grounds of the Pelplin town and commune.

The project is addressed at the children and teenagers of the Pelplin town and commune.

Under the project, a road patrol member in his car will remind his audience of the rules governing the behaviour on and moving about the motorway, if the car breaks down or collides with another one.

The anticipated effect comes down to making the youngest aware of the need to protect the environment, segregate the garbage, particularly disposable foil packaging and plastic bottles, and reminding them of the safety rules in road traffic.


Rely on the Bicycle, or the intergenerational action: ‘This Is the Place I Live in, This Is the Place I Change, I Choose Clean Air for Our Community’ – Applicant: ‘Victoria’ Folk Sports Club in Lisewo, commune of Lisewo, voivodship of Kuyavy-Pomerania


The purpose of the project is to improve life quality of the community of the Lisewo locality by building two bicycle canopies in the central area of Lisewo and close to the locality of Lipienek with its ruins of a Teutonic castle, lying on the yellow foot and bicycle track.  The canopies will serve as cycling stops for the residents and tourists alike, all riding the two-wheel vehicles.  The project will involve purchasing durable, professional materials for the 2 canopies.  The project will pertain to the effect of improved life quality of the residents, attained by putting up two bicycle canopies.

The canopies, once in place, will contribute to the attainment of manifold effects, namely:

– improved safety

– encouragement to opt for non-engine vehicles in the summer, which will add to improved air quality;

– promotion of tourism and recreation, including the tourist attractions of the Lisewo commune;

– improved aesthetic values of the neighbourhood.


Moreover, the project envisages purchasing reflective gadgets which will be distributed among the youngest at the official ceremony of handing the canopies over for use.  The action will also pertain to improved safety of the youngest participants in the road traffic.

The AmberOne Close to Us Competition results 2017

In our competition AmberOne Close to Us, we received 10 applications out of which 8 satisfied the formal requirements.  All applications were submitted in the category: AmberOne Close to Us 5000.  From among the applications received, the commission selected 4 winning projects and one special distinction.  Below, we provide brief descriptions of the winning projects.


Project title: MOP – Mój Osobisty Postój [My Personal Stop]

Applicant:  ‘Lepsze jutro’ [Better Tomorrow] Association, Commune of Stolno

The project aims at improving the quality life of the dwellers of the Gorzuchowo rural administrative area by erecting a canopy nicknamed ‘MoP – My Personal Stop’ to serve as a bus stop shed for the children commuting to the nearby school, a place to rest and reflect, and a place where one can obtain information on the direction towards the motorway, its route, and the rules of travelling on the motorway (the speed limit on the motorway versus speeds on other roads, the forms and types of road signs, the exits, the entire road route, and the vital telephone numbers – educational form).


Project title: Atrakcyjnie i bezpiecznie [Attractive and Safe]


Applicant: Rajkowiacy Razem [Rajkowy Dwellers Hand in Hand] Association, Commune of Pelplin


The purpose of the project is to educate and arrange well-spent time for ca 80 children of the Rajkowy village through organisation of topical field workshops on traffic safety and examples of good behavior among traffic participants.  The project will benefit directly about 80 children in the pre-school and school age.  Indirectly, the parents of the children and their entire families will benefit too.  All village dwellers will make up the third group of beneficiaries since enhanced safety of the youngest will do good to everyone.  Putting up a safety barrier at the exit from the playground next to the village clubhouse will add to safety.



Project title: Będzie czysto i będzie bezpiecznie [It Will Be Tidy and Safe]


Applicant: Na Rzecz Ochrony Zdrowia [For Health Protection] Association in Kowalewo Pomorskie


Development of a square.

Environmental purpose:

– clearing the land by removing wild-growing bush stands, levelling the bumps, collecting the garbage,

– levelling, landscaping, and recultivating the land, planting bushes and dwarf trees

– putting a bench to rest and meet friends

Safety purpose:

– improving sight clearance for the drivers in the road and at the crossing of three streets.

– arranging a safe passage for those on foot: across the green instead of following the road edge

– laying kerb stones along a section of 200 rm, which will direct storm water from the area to the drains.  This will eliminate the flooding of the road which covers the asphalt with a film of mud making the pavement slippery and icy in the winter, the cause of several crashes already recorded.



Project title: Kodeks drogowy jak kodeks rycerski [Traffic Code – Knights Code of Honour]


Applicant: Community Centre in Subkowy, Commune of Subkowy


The ‘Traffic Code – Knights Code of Honour’ project is made up of several modules and addresses the needs of the young in the Commune of Subkowy.  Over several months, the organisers want to create materials on traffic safety and form a young team who will promote the rules among their younger mates at special workshops.  The exceptional and unique style of the project can only help promote safety awareness and knowledge in the commune crossed by busy roads and a railway line.



Project title: Twój pies – nasze bezpieczeństwo [Your Dog – Our Safety]


Applicant: Stowarzyszenie Przewodników psów poszukiwawczych [Association of Disaster Search Dog Leaders] – NOS Group, Commune of Pruszcz Gdański


The purpose of the project is to increase safety in the Commune of Pruszcz Gdański, focusing on road incidents caused by homeless, wandering dogs and those under the care of ignorant owners.  The idea is to attain the goal through building the awareness of the residents of the Commune of Pruszcz Gdański as to what it means to have a dog and what obligations ensue therefrom.  The project envisages a cycle of meetings with the commune population, including a lecture on the responsibility (and legal liability) one takes for the dog on the road, the principles of leading the dog safely (not letting it jump out of the car straight into the street, having the dog sit before a pedestrian crossing, transporting animals), and practical training.  We assume that trained dogs with informed leaders will cease posing a risk to the road traffic and their own neighbourhood.