LOTOS fleet cards in AmberGO system

LOTOS Business customers can activate the automatic payment service on motorway from February. To do this, simply contact your business manager, who will complete the formalities. In the next step, the customer under their user account on the www.lotosbiznes.pl/klient/ portal can report vehicles and start the option to use AmberGO using the Autopay app.


The expansion of the AmberGO system and the possibility to include fleet cards in automatic payments were one of the main elements of the expansion of the system, as well as one of the most frequently asked questions of users of the A1 Motorway.  Therefore, we are very pleased that LOTOS, as the first fleet card operator meet these expectations and thanks to the cooperation with LOTOS and Autopay,  AmberGO system will support LOTOS fleet cards.


AmberGO automatic payment system has been in place since 2019 at all  AmberOne  A1 Motorway gates. To take advantage of automatic payment you can drive through any gates or gates dedicated exclusively to  AmberGO, marked with the symbol of the camera.

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