Motorway adventure series with a moral massage already available!

In pursuance of the Safety – My Second Name campaign and its Stop by the Rules action, AmberOne A1 Motorway has had an adventure episode film developed, each episode carrying a moral message.  The series is made up of several educational episodes pondering ways of stopping safely on the motorway and other issues.

There are 6 episodes in the series altogether, three had its premiere already in 2016.  Those three are devoted to the following aspects of emergency stopping on the motorway, namely: getting out through the right door, using emergency lights and a triangle, the latter put up at the proper distance, and staying in the car.  The other three, focusing on such issues as eating while driving, talking on the mobile phone, and travelling without the seatbelts fastened, will be shown for the first time early next year.

The film stories develop in a light, humorous mood.  Their star is a smart alec – boy son of the main characters, who wittingly shocks the parents with his knowledge of the ‘dos and don’ts’ while driving.

The films are available on the motorway youtube profile: and on its FB


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