Play Hopscotch – Win A Life!

Our campaign, ‘Safety, My Second Name’ is unfolding. Our new edition, ‘Play Hopscotch – Win A Life’, has been joined by new partners, that is shopping malls in the cities along the A1 AmberOne Motorway: the Riviera Centre and Matarnia Shopping Park in the Tri-City, the Grudziądz Gallery, the Łódź Gallery, and the Toruń Plaza.
When on the estates of these shopping malls, you will notice painted colourful hopscotch grids. They are there for anyone below the age of 99 to play, but more importantly, they are there to promote learning first-aid. Whoever hops, can learn or remember the fundamental first-aid principles depicted symbolically in the grid rectangles.
If you happen to come across our hopscotch site, do not hesitate to play – you will see it work for yourselves! The simple game will get the idea of what to do in a critical situation rooted deep in your minds, and maybe thanks to it some day one of you will save a human life. It is more than important – knowing the rules of first aid you will not feel helpless, but instead will be able to react properly whenever human life is at risk.
You will also find a hopscotch grid at the Kleszczewo Service Area, and it would be worth your while to use it as an opportunity to explain the idea to your children – you know, ‘What youth is used to…’. And, remember to download our free first-aid application. You can import it from or get it at a Play store.

Traffic is on two lanes in the direction of Gdansk and one lane in the direction of Łódź.

The Stanisławie junction is closed in the direction of Łódź.

The speed limit on the renovated section is 80 km/h.