AmberOne Close to Us competition – results.

Record number of entries in the 4th edition of AmberOne Close to Us competition, which we have received as many as fourteen  this year. Among the applications submitted,   flower meadows and topics related to the protection of bees and other pollinators were very popular, with more than 25% of applicants expressing a desire to create a flower meadow or other bee-friendly places. Three of  the applications submitted did not meet the formal requirements. We are pleased that our program is met with increasing interest of residents of the surrounding municipalities. And  the implemented projects increase the attractiveness of the surrounding municipalities. The winning projects in the fourth edition of AmberOne  Close  to Us are:

  1. REKORD Association – Butterfly Marina project,
  2. Housewives Circle in Nowa Wsi near Grudziądz – Rural Park project – place of integration of villages
  3. Dobre Ludki Foundation – Forest Loop project in Węgrowo
  4. Association for the development of Dragacz municipality “Our Municipality”-  the project Who is going here?
  5. Social fruit orchard – Friends of Grodzisko Owidz Association

Thank you for all your applications. We sincerely congratulate the winners and look forward to the implementation of the projects submitted in the competition.

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