Results of the AmberOne Close to Us competition

The AmberOne Close to Us competition has come to an end. This year’s edition surprised us with the number of submitted applications. There were as many as 20 of them. This is the most entries in the history of the competition. The variety of applications was huge: from first aid courses, through bicycle towns, bee-friendly places and plantings protecting against noise, to carpentry workshops and integration of people with disabilities. With such a large number of projects, each of which responded to the current needs of the local community, choosing the top 5 was not the easiest.

Below is a list of this year’s winners:

  1. Association Kuźnia inicjatyw Lokalnych in Lisewo – project “I ride to school with my head”
  2. OSP KSRG Lubicz – project “I am safe – I can help! At home, at school and on the road.”
  3. Informal group – Bee Pit – project “Summer Academy of Nature”
  4. Esyfloresy Foundation – project ” Eco-safe Eskifloreski”
  5. The Merry Centipede Association – the project “ECO Centipede Workshop”

Each Winner will receive a prize of PLN 7,000. As part of the competition, an additional prize was also awarded to MOTO KOCIEWIE STG and the project “Safe not only on the road ” in the amount of PLN 500. Congratulations to the winners.

We would like to thank all participants for their initiative and commitment to the development of their local communities. We invite you to participate in the next edition of the competition next year and we are glad that there are so many great projects ahead of us as part of AmberOne Close to Us.

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