Road Safety Days 2021

On September 21 this year,  an action called Road Safety Days will be carried out in all European countries. As part of the action, both control and educational activities will be carried out.   AmberOne  A1 Motorway joins this year’s activities.

Police officers from the Road Traffic Department of the Voivodeship Police Headquarters in Gdańsk and Toruń, in cooperation with the Voivodeship Road Transport Inspectorate from Gdańsk and Toruń, will also carry out control activities on AmberOne Motorway on that day. Control activities will take place at the Rusocin, Kopytkowo and Swarożyn junctions and MOP Nowa Wieś.

Aditionally on September 21st at MOP Olsze direction Łódź will be our educational installation “Count to zero, i.e. zero fatal accidents on the motorway”. The installation  allows you to train with four safety rules. We invite you to test yourself on the reflexometer, in parking goggles, on the simulator of distraction and catching the distance.

Uwaga: prace drogowe

Odcinek: kierunek Gdańsk

Węzeł Swarożyn