Statement on the article “Business motorway – from Rusocin to South Africa and…”, which appeared on the TVPInfo portal

The Management Board of Gdańsk Transport Company S.A. would like to refer to some incorrect information provided in the article that appeared on the TVP Info portal on May 22, 2023 with the following clarification.

The current shareholders of GTC are AAPP Sp. z o.o. – 85% shares and Intertoll Capital Partners B.V. – 15% shares. Full information about shareholders can be found on our website:

In accordance with the provisions of the current Concession Agreement, all revenue from motorway tolls is transferred to the account of the National Road Fund (KFD). Decisions on changes in the toll collection system, including the amount of rates or exemption from charging fees, are made by the Minister of Infrastructure.

Neither GTC nor the “road operator” received PLN 20 million or any other amounts for raising the toll gates during summer peak traffic. The Minister of Infrastructure  decides on the amount of toll rates charged for motorway travel on A1, the income from tolls collected from drivers are paid directly to the KFD account by GTC. In the case of temporary cessation of toll collection, as instructed by the Minister of Infrastructure, tolls are not collected and GTC is not receiving any compensation for this.

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