The Amber+ Loyalty Programme is back

This year’s edition of the Amber+ loyalty programme is dedicated to drivers of vehicles category 1 (except for motorcycles), taking the A1 AmberOne Motorway.  The cards are distributed periodically from the tolling plazas at Rusocin and Nowa Wieś.  The second round of the cards will be presented between 4 – 9 September 2019.
What should I do to join the Amber+ programme?
• Collect your loyalty card at the motorway gates in Rusocin or Nowa Wieś.  Each card is appended with discount coupons the driver can use at the SHELL petrol stations at MOP Olsze East and MOP Olsze West.
• Collect the complete set of 10 stamps on your loyalty card, or 8 points in the autopay application if you choose to join the electronic version of the programme, dedicated to the users of the AmberGO system.
• Collect your prize: a WASTE BAG!  Once you have accumulated 10 stamps, or 8 points in the autopay application, you can collect your prize at the SHELL petrol stations at MOP Olsze East and MOP Olsze West.  The prize will be waiting for you until 31 December 2019, or until we run out of stock.
To see the rules of the Amber+ programme click here.

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