The AmberOne Close to Us Competition Resolved

We have the pleasure to inform you that 8 projects were entered for the second edition of the ‘AmberOne Close to Us’ competition, out of which 7 satisfied the formal requirements.  As the result of the competition procedure held, we finally decided to grant awards to the following projects:

Category AmberOne Close to Us 5000:

MOP – Młody Odpowiedzialny Podróżnik [A Young Responsible Traveller] – the contestant: Commune Public Library in Lubicz, commune of Lubicz, voivodship of Kuyavy-Pomerania

To Teach the Young, to Refresh the Knowledge of the Older – Ecology and Health – the contestant: OSP [Voluntary Firefighters] Gorzędziej, commune of Subkowy, voivodship of Pomerania

Play Green – the contestant: Stowarzyszenie Dziedzictwo Historyczne Pomorza [Historic Heritage of Pomerania Association], commune of Pelplin, voivodship of Pomerania

Fairy Tale Pond with AmberOne Support – the contestant: OSP [Voluntary Firefighters] Drzonowo, commune of Lisewo, voivodship of Kuyavy-Pomerania

In addition, distinguished with an award of PLN 3000 is the following project:

Postaw na rower, czyli międzypokoleniowa akcja „Tu mieszkam, tu zmieniam, czyste powietrze dla naszej wspólnoty wybieram” [Bet on the Bike, or an Inter-generation Action: ‘I Live Here, I Change Here, I Choose Clean Air for Our Community’] – the contestant: Ludowy Klub Sportowy „Victoria” [‘Victoria’ Folk Sports Club] in Lisewo, commune of Lisewo, voivodship of Kuyavy-Pomerania

We congratulate all award winners most truly!

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The speed limit on the renovated section is 80 km/h.