We care about safety during holiday travels

The provisions regarding the principles of creating the corridor of life have been in force for several months. Now it is important for all drivers to create a corridor instinctively, without wasting valuable seconds to think about which way to go and how to position properly.

Throughout the holidays, officers of KWP Gdańsk and KPP in Świecie and KMP in Grudziadz, during regular technical inspections carried out at the AmberOne A1 Motorway junctions, will remind drivers of the principles of creating a corridor of life and zipper rule.

Drivers will receive a leaflet about the corridor of life, and for each driver whose vehicle passes technical inspection will receive a gift in the form of a reflective vest or a LED pendant. The electronic leaflet is available here.

Intertoll, Operator of the AmberOne A1 Motorway, has also joined the driver education campaign.Some road patrol vehicles on the rear door has pasted graphics showing the proper positioning of vehicles during the formation of the corridor of life and driving according to zipper rule.

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