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The system of automatic toll collection without tickets and without making payments at gates!

AmberOne A1 Motorway

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How animals wanted to cross the road

Together with GDDKiA in Gdańsk, we run recurring classes for primary school students in Pomerania. The theme of the classes are green animal crossings, located on expressways and highways.

Classes consist of a lesson part, during which students learn the rules that apply at motorway crossings and independently design and draw/paint their ideas, and from an outdoor trip to a selected animal crossing. Children will also learn about the adventures of our highway mascot, Ambrose Traveler in the booklet Ambrose in the footsteps of animals.

Students from 8 institutions took part in an art competition and competed for the main prize: a multimedia board for the school. The best works to date have created illustrations for a calendar. Visits to subsequent schools will certainly bring equally colorful results.