Tournament at schools “Stop by the rules!”

How to effectively teach children safety rules on the road? Through play and fun! We challenged primary school students: contrary to norm, in the age of computer games, we focused on the manual form of an educational game – but on a gigantic scale!

A large-format interactive installation, on the walls of which a whole series of tasks have been installed, has appeared, and will appear, in 30 primary schools in towns along AmberOne. So far, over 3,000 students have already participated in the fun!

In solving subsequent tasks and scoring points, children show creativity, logical thinking and knowledge in the field of road safety and first aid. The final in each school is the GREAT TOURNAMENT, which is a thematic knowledge quiz combined with a rescaled board game in which the students themselves are active pawns.

Uwaga: prace drogowe

Odcinek: kierunek Gdańsk

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