Competition „AmberOne Close to Us”

The competition awards will go to the projects pursued by the local organisations based in the communes on the A1 AmberOne Motorway, i.e. on the 152 km section of the A1 Motorway, between Rusocin and Toruń.

The idea behind the competition is to support bottom-up social initiatives carried out jointly by the local community, and the GTC employees, if possible, all contributing to higher life quality of the communities.

In addition, projects containing safety-related activities (e.g. education in road safety issues, increasing traffic safety through the introduction of technical infrastructural solutions, etc.) and pro-ecological activities (related to e.g. environmental education, water or land purification) will be scored.

Participants of the Competition may be foundations, associations, social committees, rural housewives’ circles, cultural centers, libraries, parishes, volunteer fire brigades, hunting clubs and other social organizations, informal groups that have their headquarters in the commune or are residents of the commune in which the project submitted to the Competition is to be implemented.

Participants of the competition may not be local government units or their offices, entrepreneurs, political parties or other organizations conducting political activity.

The call for proposals for this year’s edition of the competition has ended.

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