Safety, my second name First Aid A1

First aid on the road is absolutely vital, as many a time it saves lives in traffic accidents. That is why learning the rules of first aid and administering it correctly is so important. The A1 AmberOne Motorway has decided to continue the line of action first initiated in 2013, aimed at raising drivers’ awareness of how to come to first aid. In the campaign, we have created a dedicated Internet page, which provides the necessary information on e.g. the principles of extending first aid care to accident casualties. When on the website, one can also test his/her knowledge in a specially designed quiz, learn the recommended contents of the first aid kit for the car, and find out how to call an ambulance. Standard descriptions of the life-saving actions are supplemented with film tutorials. The action programme further includes arranging free courses in first aid for drivers and students of senior high schools. With the campaign in mind, the ‘Know – Help’ board game has been designed. Educational in nature, the game was distributed e.g. during the first aid training sessions at schools.



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