A film of the ‘Hold on, grownups!’ series awarded at the FilmAT Festival

The international jury of this year’s 14th FilmAT Festival (the International Tourism and Corporate Film Festival) proclaimed the AmberOne A1 Motorway a winner!  One of the episodes of our HOLD ON, GROWNUPS! film (the series also known as a ‘comedy serial with lessons’), namely How to Check your Location?, won THE BEST FILM award in the category of ROAD SAFETY!

The Board of the International Tourfilm Academy also recognised our Road Safety efforts by awarding a PRIZE to the whole serial for its informative and educational values, all this happening in the exceptional year of the Polish Presidency of the Euro Controle Route.

You can watch all episodes of the “Hold on, Grownups” series on our YT channel.  Here is the link to the winning episode:


Uwaga: prace drogowe

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