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Motorway Program: Earn Respect and Rewards

We invite all traffic participants – especially people who regularly travel on our Motorway – to the new edition of the Earn Respect program. In this year’s edition,  the prizes in the program are tickets to cinemas, theaters and tourist attractions of our region, i.e. from Gdańsk to Toruń.

The program is part of the campaign under the slogan Let’s respect each other, which we have been running in various versions for several years. The idea  and intention of this campaign is to inspire road users to self-reflect on their behaviors and habits.  We say: let us respect each other by means of the new road safety rule. It is a simple principle: affection  instead of  aggression and, responsibility instead of competition and, respect instead of arrogance towards other road users. They are the ones that determine our common security.

Earn Respect is, of course, a challenge and an intentional ambiguity. First, we encourage you to earn respect (both from other drivers and your own) with an exemplary attitude. Secondly, we reward,  because szacuny is our virtual currency, which can be earned in the program and exchanged for attractive prizes.

Earn Respect Program Rules:

  • join the program in our free AmberOne application
  • Register to create your user account
  • Solve tasks and earn points or szacuny
  • Exchange Szacuny for prizes: tickets to cinemas, theaters and museums

In addition to tasks testing knowledge and skills, you can earn additional estimates for  using our automatic payment system AmberGO, for participation in a series of holiday events on motorway MOPs, for recommending the program to friends.

The more estimates you earn – the more ticket prizes you can win! In your User panel, everything is done automatically, so you can see at a glance how many estimates you already have  and which rewards are already in your possession.

The basic challenge in the program is QUIZ – at the beginning you can solve a few questions, then new quiz questions appear every week, so check out what’s new. Other tasks include a crossword, scratch card and puzzle, which activate after some time, along with the number of estimates gained by the user.

All the rules and mechanism of operation of the program are described in detail in the Regulations.

Good luck!

35+43 km: The Pelplin junction is closed in the direction of Gdańsk.
Traffic runs on two lanes in the direction of Łódź and one lane in the
direction of Gdańsk. The Olsze Service Area is closed in the direction of Gdańsk.

9+17 km: The Stanisławie junction is closed in the direction of Łódź.
Traffic takes place on two lanes in the direction of Gdańsk and one lane in the direction of Łódź.

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