Count to ZERO – because zero is the best result when it comes to the number of road accidents – is a series of holiday events at motorway MOPs.

The slogan of the campaign is that road safety is a shared responsibility of all of us, drivers, passengers and pedestrians. According to the data, the overwhelming number of road accidents occur due to human behaviour, not technical or external reasons.

As every year, on all summer weekends, people traveling on the Motorway can also count on interesting experiences, having fun on an interactive installation. Playing is also quite a challenge, because the participants, by testing themselves in several areas, take the risk that self-reflection and new knowledge will stay with them forever!

The interactive installation allows you to confront several beliefs about yourself. You can feel on your own skin:

  • Do we really have as fast reflexes as we think?
  • Can we really judge the distance between moving objects?
  • Do we have control over fatigue, even though we carefully ignore it?
  • Are we really great at concentrating on several activities at once, although scientists say that it is impossible for our brain?

The AmberOne A1 Motorway invites drivers to take a break from their holiday journey at the Motorway Service Area and have fun together to congratulate themselves on their good habits through active experience – or to make a decision to change them for the better. It’s worth it when life is at stake.

Schedule of events at the MOP:

  • 29 June, Saturday – MOP Kleszczewko (dir. Toruń)
  • 6 July, Saturday – MOP Malankowo (dir. Toruń)
  • 13 July, Saturday – MOP Malankowo (dir. Toruń)
  • 20 July, Saturday – MOP Kleszczewko (dir. Toruń)
  • 27 July, Saturday – MOP Olsze (dir. Toruń)
  • 28 July, Sunday – MOP Kleszczewko (dir. Toruń)
  • 3 August, Saturday – MOP Malankowo (dir. Toruń)
  • 14 August, Sunday – MOP Kleszczewko (dir. Toruń)
  • 10 August, Saturday – MOP Olsze (dir. Toruń)
  • 15 August, Thursday – MOP Olsze (dir. Toruń)
  • 18 August, Sunday – MOP Kleszczewko (dir. Toruń)
  • 24 August, Saturday – MOP Malankowo (dir. Toruń)


17+24 km: Traffic runs on two lanes in the direction of  Gdańsk and one lane in the direction of Łódź.

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