Electric vehicles can receive a refund for travelling on the AmberOne A1 Motorway as part of the “Motorway for electromobility” action

Anyone who owns or operates a fully electric car within the meaning of the Battery Electric Vehicles (BEV) Act may receive a refund for the motorway toll. Just register with EV Klub Polska ( and then fill out the application form in the club panel. After a positive verification, members will receive a specially generated link to register or log in to the  Autopay app. Once you’re logged in to the app, simply fill in your details and use the AmberGO gates on the  AmberOne A1 Motorway.

The action does not apply to electric vehicles using AmberGO registered in applications other than  Autopay  and vehicles whose drivers make manual payments (cash, card).

More information on “Motorways for Electromobility” can be found on the

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