Movie gags with a moral

We talk about important issues in our campaign in the well-known and popular language of Polish comedies. I think everyone knows the cult quotes from the films Cruise, Bear, Kiler  or Boys Do Not Cry? The whole comic series under the name  COOLTOWE ZAGADKI can be followed on the Facebook profile of  our Motorway

Be warned: not only do we boast of a sense of humor, but quotes serve as a carrier of important road safety rules.

The topics covered in the comic remind professional drivers of important issues for them and other road users. The whole Let’s Respect each other campaign is for drivers to look at themselves from a new point of view: caring, kindness – both to themselves and to others. That is why we speak openly, among other things, about the need to ensure good psychophysical condition of drivers, their rest, healthy eating, taking exercise at stops. We are also talking about sensitive and frustrating topics, such as the culture of behavior  on the road, in parking lots,  CBradio  or during vehicle inspections. We believe that it is worth talking, and the slogan “let’s respect each other” hits the crust.

Uwaga: prace drogowe

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