Stop by the rules!

The campaign with the slogan STOP BY THE RULEs is devoted to the situation of emergency stopping on the highway. Education of motorway and expressway users promotes 6 golden stop rules that ensure the safety of travelers in the event of a vehicle breakdown.

As part of the action, we have prepared a picture instruction with security rules. Instructions in the form of a handy laminated leaflet were made available in the PPO, and in the form of information boards stood on our MOPs.

Instructions are also handed to drivers during cyclical educational campaigns: on our highway, Police officers instruct randomly selected drivers on the principles of emergency stop and give a safety package as a gift: instructions, a safety flashlight and a reflective vest.

The campaign was covered by substantive patronage by the Provincial Police Headquarters in Gdańsk and the media patronage of Radio Gdańsk and Radio PiK. The Municipal Police Headquarters in Grudziądz and the Poviat Headquarters in Świecie also joined the campaign. Officers also conduct holiday inspections on our highway dedicated to speed limits and technical condition of vehicles, making drivers aware of the consequences of too high speed or poor technical condition.


17+24 km: Traffic runs on two lanes in the direction of  Gdańsk and one lane in the direction of Łódź.

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