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Lets respect each other

AmberOne A1 motorway is not only a road, it is a lot of initiatives and activities aimed at improving road safety. Today we focus on a simple rule: LET’S RESPECT EACH OTHER! safety rules – but not only: the main emphasis is placed on the personal motivation of every driver who makes a choice every day on the road: to do right or wrong.

Kindness not aggression, responsibility not competition, respect not contempt. It’s really easy to choose well. All you need is a sense of being in a close relationship and responsibility for the other person. Being a driver, it is worth asking yourself: how close are we with other people on the road? The answer is unequivocal: very close. Often by a meter.

The second edition of the campaign is dedicated to truck drivers and we challenge them: #zdobądźszacun! What’s going on? This is a deliberate ambiguity. First, we encourage you to “earn respect” with an exemplary attitude. Secondly, we reward: #szacuny is a virtual currency that can be earned and exchanged for rewards.

Take up the challenge and #zdobądźszacun

For the needs of the #zdobądźszacun program, we have created a special tab in our AmberOne application with an individual panel for each driver – participant of the program. In the program, everything happens automatically and intuitively, and each participant sees in his panel tasks to do, prizes and the number of #szacuns he has earned.

How to join the #zdobądźszacun program? It’s very convenient:

What are the rules? Simple:

  • you collect virtual #szacuny for your knowledge and behavior on the road
  • exchange #szacuny for prizes: tickets to cinemas, theaters and tourist attractions

How to get #szacuny?

In the application you will find tasks designed in such a way that the more tasks you solve – the more you have access to. These are: quiz, crossword, riddle and scratch card. Every week there is a new quiz question about behaviors, choices and traffic safety rules. If you can afford self-reflection and solve tasks well – you get #szacuny!

Additional #szacuny can also be obtained by recommending the (effective) program to friends and solving an outdoor task during a stop at MOP Kleszczewko (in both directions). We encourage you to follow our profile on Facebook, where there are regular opportunities to get an extra 200 #szacunów!

And note: we also grant #szacuny for using the automatic payment system at motorway gates – i.e. for AmberGO (regardless of whether the ride is paid or free). Each kilometer traveled on our Highway counts 1:1, i.e. 1 #szacun for 1 km.

What are the rewards?

Depending on the number of #szacunów earned, more and more redeemable rewards will appear in your panel in the application. The mechanism is simple: the more #szacunów you earn, the more rewards you receive. Among them are tickets to cinemas, theaters and tourist attractions of our region – list below. You are cordially invited.

 Terms and Conditions of the #zdobądźszacun Programme

True truckers’ stories

When in the first edition of our CAMPAIGN RESPECT EACH OTHER we announced a competition for the most interesting story from the life of a professional driver, we did not expect… the whole book! It is with real pleasure that we present the best”truckerstory”: the novel DOUBLE CONTINUOUS by Marek Wers.

We have recorded this incredibly exciting story and published it in the form of an audiobook so that every driver can download and listen to it on the road. We recommend! We all love good stories. Listening to audiobooks on the road is extremely pleasant and engaging, and at the same time incomparably safer than glancing at the screens of electronic devices.

We wish you a pleasant listening and unforgettable emotions!

Movie gags with a moral

We talk about important issues in our campaign in the well-known and popular language of Polish comedies. I think everyone knows the cult quotes from the films Cruise, Bear, Kiler  or Boys Do Not Cry? The whole comic series under the name  COOLTOWE ZAGADKI can be followed on the Facebook profile of  our Motorway

Be warned: not only do we boast of a sense of humor, but quotes serve as a carrier of important road safety rules.

The topics covered in the comic remind professional drivers of important issues for them and other road users. The whole Let’s Respect each other campaign is for drivers to look at themselves from a new point of view: caring, kindness – both to themselves and to others. That is why we speak openly, among other things, about the need to ensure good psychophysical condition of drivers, their rest, healthy eating, taking exercise at stops. We are also talking about sensitive and frustrating topics, such as the culture of behavior  on the road, in parking lots,  CBradio  or during vehicle inspections. We believe that it is worth talking, and the slogan “let’s respect each other” hits the crust.

Take a course for a course

As part of the Let’s Respect Each Other campaign, we invited truck drivers traveling on our Motorway for a series of free trainings. We talked about important issues in the field of road safety – not only the obvious ones, but to a large extent those affecting truck drivers in particular, such as working time, rest or stress.

Traffic is on two lanes in the direction of Gdansk and one lane in the direction of Łódź.

The Stanisławie junction is closed in the direction of Łódź.

The speed limit on the renovated section is 80 km/h.