GTC S.A. and the Operator, Intertoll Polska, work hand in hand taking numerous actions to reduce the number of traffic incidents on the A1 Motorway. In effect, the A1 Motorway ensures comfort and safe travel to all its users.
Regular reviews of  traffic incidents recorded on the road section under our management, conducted in collaboration with the Police lead to implementing additional solutions to enhance driving safety, e.g.:

  • additional safety barriers have been erected at selected overpasses;
  • selected existing barriers have been extended in length;
  • wild game fencing has been increased in height at locations where wildlife monitoring indicate  potential occurrence of large game.

Moreover, the A1 AmberOne Motorway concessionaire:

  • has devised the Rescue Operations Plan which lays down the rules of collaboration among all rescue forces engaged in operations on the motorway;
  • facilitates emergency drills of the rescue forces on simulated accidents on the motorway;
  • organises regular meetings with the rescue services to discuss any proposed improvements relating to emergency operations;
  • with rescue services that drive on AmberOne A1 Motorway in mind we prepared a presentation which shows how rescue services can efficiently and safely use the motorway.

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