Fasten your belts correctly

The action pursued hand in hand with the Police is aimed at promoting correct belting and carrying of children.  The checks held have unfortunately revealed that quite a number of road users do not belt themselves, and most of us do not realise that when fastening the belt we should at least make sure the belt is not twisted, properly tense, and is positioned correctly on the body.  That is why, the A1 AmberOne Motorway and the Police resolved to refresh the drivers’ knowledge of how to belt and carry children properly.  The action consisted in stopping the cars on the A1 AmberOne Motorway for checks of the correct belting.  Each stopped driver was given an instruction and presented with a leaflet compiling information on the rules of belting and carrying children.  The accompanying online action on our FB profile promoted the belt-fastening rules and combined it with a photo competition.

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