Results of the AmberOne Close to Us 2024 edition competition

The AmberOne Close to Us competition has come to an end, and this year’s edition turned out to be a record-breaking one. This year, we received as many as 31 applications, which is a 35% increase compared to last year.

The variety of applications was enormous: from first aid courses with the use of training AEDs, through river cleaning, construction of platforms for storks, introduction of solutions to increase the safety of children returning from school, planting and campaigns promoting active leisure. With such a large number of projects, each of which responded to the current needs of the local community, the selection of the best projects was not easy. That is why this year’s edition is also a record-breaking edition in terms of winners. This year, as many as six of them were selected!

Below is a list of this year’s winners:

  1. Wheel Brothers Association – “Children’s Bicycle Day” project
  2. OSP KSRG Złotoria – project “Increasing the safety of Złotoria residents through first aid training using AED”
  3. KGW Ekipa z Piskarki – project “Safer on the way to school”
  4. Voluntary Fire Service in Lipienek – the “Storks” project
  5. Municipal Circle No. 66 in Lisewo of the Polish Angling Association – project “Children’s Day with a Fishing Club”
  6. We Can Do It Association – Rudno – project “ZielONE – Close to Us”

We would like to thank all participants for their initiative and commitment to the development of their local communities. We invite you to participate in the next edition of the competition next year and we are glad that there are so many great projects ahead of us as part of AmberOne Close to Us.

35+43 km: The Pelplin junction is closed in the direction of Gdańsk.
Traffic runs on two lanes in the direction of Łódź and one lane in the
direction of Gdańsk. The Olsze Service Area is closed in the direction of Gdańsk.

9+17 km: The Stanisławie junction is closed in the direction of Łódź.
Traffic takes place on two lanes in the direction of Gdańsk and one lane in the direction of Łódź.

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