The Amber+ loyalty programme is back

It is our pleasure to let you know about another edition of the Amber+ programme that will be launched shortly together with our Partner: Shell Polska sp. z o.o.. How can you win valuable prizes and tasty snacks?

It is enough to collect 10 stamps on your Amber+ card. The cards will be distributed at the tolling plazas in Rusocin, Lubicz, and Nowa Wieś on selected days. A card with the complete set of stamps can be exchanged for a prize (headset) at the Shell fuel stations in the Olsze Service Area. The set of stamps is 9 stamps for passage on sections Rusocin-Lubicz, Rusocin – Nowa Wieś, Nowa Wieś – Rusocin and Lubicz-Rusocin and 1 stamp for purchase from discount offer from loyalty programme on Shell station. Yet, there is more than just the prizes awaiting the card holders – ‘a little something’ and discounts for fuel.

The first batch of cards will be distributed as early as of 9th May 2017. Do join our Amber+ programme!

Download regulations below.


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