How ecology and economy go hand in hand on the A1 AmberOne Motorway

On Saturday, April 29, at the motorway MOP Kleszczewko (direction Toruń) the ECOdriving action will take place, i.e. saving through less combustion. This saving has two dimensions: economic and ecological, because – as you know – less combustion means lower fuel expenses and lower emissions of poisonous exhaust fumes.

Most of the ECOdriving rules work best in the city, but there are also those that are the most profitable on the road. One of them is: FOOT OFF THE GAS! It turns out that already 10 or 20 km/h less on the odometer on the road, these are great benefits for health and finances.

It is worth looking at the numbers, because they do not lie. AmberOne has prepared a special ECOcalculator for travelers, thanks to which you can see with your own eyes the measurable benefits of using the FOOT OFF THE GAS principle. Under this slogan, a Saturday event will be held, where, in addition to the presentation of the ECOcalculator, you will be able to test yourself from other eco-driving rules, receive meadow seeds, as well as learn a lot, e.g. why it is worth sowing flower meadows instead of lawns  and learn other curiosities and environmental compensation.

AmberOne Autostrada A1 cordially invites travelers to participate in the Saturday action at MOP Kleszczewko (direction Toruń) between 10.00 and 16.00 and to use the ECOcalculator every day. EKOcalculator is available in the free AmberOne application and on the website.

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