First Aid on A1

The ability to provide first aid is extremely important, because often it is witnesses who save lives of victims of an accident. It is important not only to gain practical competence, but also to acquire mental resilience and the belief that you can really do it.

In 2013, we started educational activities in the field of first aid. As part of the campaign, we have created a dedicated website There you can find descriptions of rescue operations and specially made instructional videos on the principles of providing assistance to victims of accidents. You can also learn how to properly call an ambulance, what you need to have in your car medicine kit or test yourself in the knowledge quiz.

As part of the program, we organized a series of free first aid courses for drivers and for secondary school students. In consultation with the emergency services, we have also created detailed first aid instructions dedicated to many different variants of the situation of accident victims: conscious, unconscious, bleeding, children, motorcyclists, which we distribute to drivers.


17+24 km: Traffic runs on two lanes in the direction of  Gdańsk and one lane in the direction of Łódź.

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