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ESG Strategy

The purpose of this ESG Strategy is to demonstrate the environmental, social, and governance factors that GTC S.A. believes to be intrinsically important to consider within our current and future business operations. A1 AmberOne Strategy is based on three pillars which are: Green Motorway referring to E for Environment, Safe Motorway referring to S for Social, and Credible partner and employer referring to G for Governance.

Green Motorway

GTC wants its activities to have the least possible impact on the natural environment. Our actions oriented on the protection of the natural environment are meant to be not only compliant with the binding regulations, but exceed them wherever possible. Therefore, we set ourselves the goal of striving towards reduced emissions of substances generated as side-products of our activities.

Safe Motorway

Safety of everyone on the motorway is most important to us. Our employees and contractors are obliged to adhere strictly to the requirements of the binding law, the H&S Policy, and the requirements formulated for the contractors. We continually implement modern solutions contributing to enhanced safety of the employees, contractors, and users.

Credible partner and employer

Employees are our key resource; hence, we take efforts to maintain an atmosphere of friendliness and partnership in our organisation, as this motivates our staff to carry out the tasks entrusted with them in an engaged and honest way.

This Strategy is approved by the signatories of the Management Board of Gdansk Transport Company S.A.

ESG Report

Gdańsk Transport Company S.A. for years has been engaged in planning, realization and reporting of nonfinancial data concerning environment, social and governance areas.

GTC recognizes that management of environmental, social and governance (ESG) matters is not only core to the obligations under the Concession Agreement signed between GTC and the Minister of Infrastructure for construction and operation of the A1 Motorway Gdańsk – Torun, and under Polish legal and regulatory requirements but can have a significant impact on maintaining positive public opinion, providing social and environmental benefits, and enhancing shareholder value.

Below you can find our ESG reports.

35+43 km: The Pelplin junction is closed in the direction of Gdańsk.
Traffic runs on two lanes in the direction of Łódź and one lane in the
direction of Gdańsk. The Olsze Service Area is closed in the direction of Gdańsk.

9+17 km: The Stanisławie junction is closed in the direction of Łódź.
Traffic takes place on two lanes in the direction of Gdańsk and one lane in the direction of Łódź.

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