Let’s respect each other!

The A1 AmberOne Motorway is not only a road. It is also a sense of safety. That is why we not only care about the quality of the surface, but through numerous campaigns we remind our Travellers that road safety is a shared responsibility. For years, we have been focusing on a simple principle: LET’S RESPECT EACH OTHER. A driver who respects himself and others chooses cooperation instead of competition and kindness over aggression. And this already changes a lot on Polish roads.

The next edition of the campaign Let’s Respect Each Other is ahead of us. In previous years, we carried out activities addressed to truck drivers, then to drivers of passenger vehicles, and this year we invite both drivers already traveling on our Motorway and people who are just taking a driving course.

We are constantly expanding not only the group of recipients and active participants of the campaign, but also the range of topics discussed. It happens that we put a “stick in the anthill”, but always serving the safety of all of us in road traffic. 

We dedicate this year to habits. Or more precisely: changing bad habits behind the wheel. This is not an easy task, because as we know, habits govern our behavior, and habit is second nature. Every change requires self-reflection and effort. First, honestly admit to yourself that you can do better. Second: repetitions, repetitions, repetitions. Is it worth it? Well, a rhetorical question when lives are at stake. 

It’s really easy to choose well. It is enough to realize that we are really close. Not only figuratively, as WE, a community of travelers. Also literally in space: on the roads, we often pass each other by a meter. And often by a hair’s breadth.

Take the challenge and #getrespect

Truck driver, join the #zdobądźszacun program! For the needs of the program, we have created a special application with an individual panel of each driver, where everything happens automatically and intuitively.

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True truckers’ stories

When in the first edition of our CAMPAIGN RESPECT EACH OTHER we announced a competition for the most interesting story from the life of a professional driver, we did not expect… the whole book! It is with real pleasure that we present the best”truckerstory”: the novel DOUBLE CONTINUOUS by Marek Wers.

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Movie gags with a moral

We talk about important issues in our campaign in the well-known and popular language of Polish comedies. I think everyone knows the cult quotes from the films Cruise, Bear, Kiler  or Boys Do Not Cry? The whole comic series under the name  COOLTOWE ZAGADKI can be followed on the Facebook profile of  our Motorway

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Take a course for a course

As part of the Let’s Respect Each Other campaign, we invite truck drivers traveling on our Motorway for a series of free trainings. We will talk about important issues in the field of road safety – not only the obvious ones, but to a large extent those affecting truck drivers in particular, such as working time, rest or stress.

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35+43 km: The Pelplin junction is closed in the direction of Gdańsk.
Traffic runs on two lanes in the direction of Łódź and one lane in the
direction of Gdańsk. The Olsze Service Area is closed in the direction of Gdańsk.

9+17 km: The Stanisławie junction is closed in the direction of Łódź.
Traffic takes place on two lanes in the direction of Gdańsk and one lane in the direction of Łódź.

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