Safety, My Second Name – STOP BY THE RULES

In the year 2016, the A1 AmberOne Motorway is continuing its ‘Safety, My Second Name’ campaign launching a new edition under the motto: ‘Stop by the Rules’. The keynote this year will come down to educating the drivers about the issues related to the rules of correct stopping on the motorway, if the car breaks down.

At several locations on the A1 AmberOne Motorway, the Police will be stopping vehicles at random to instruct their drivers on how to stop properly, should the vehicle break down. Alongside a brochure discussing the rules of correct stopping on the motorway, the drivers will be presented with a safety torch and/or reflective vest. Similar checks will be repeated in February, March, May, and November.

Hopefully, the ‘Stop by the Rules’ campaign will imprint several golden rules in the minds of the motorway and express road users keeping them safe and sound. Here are the golden rules we should abide by:

– Do not stop anywhere else but on the emergency lane, as far right as possible

– Leave the car through the right door

– Warn others, i.e. turn on the emergency lights, put on a reflective vest, and place the warning triangle on the lane, at least 100 m before the place you have stopped

– Do not move anywhere else but on the emergency lane or the grass

– Phone for help

– Await assistance staying on the grass and keeping a safe distance from the vehicle.

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