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The A1 motorway passes through areas of unique natural and landscape value. Despite the fact that motorways are one of the most environmentally friendly communication systems, the implementation of a road project on such a scale is not without impact on the surroundings. Therefore, we carefully monitor the impact of the motorway on the environment, taking care of:

  • Greenery that is regularly tended and replaced, which helps to protect plant diversity and ecosystems around the highway.
  • Biodiversity of microfauna through the establishment of flower meadows conducive to the development of many beneficial insect species.
  • Traveler and animal safety by monitoring the fence and removing leaks, which helps avoid traffic collisions and protects wildlife.
  • Efficient functioning of environmental protection devices, such as sandboxes or retention reservoirs, which help in the collection and purification of rainwater, contributing to the protection of the local hydrosphere.
  • The composition of the discharged waters to avoid harmful substances entering groundwater and nearby aquatic ecosystems.
  • The functionality of animal crossings that allow migration and ecological continuity of areas separated by the motorway.

In addition, in pursuit of GTC’s sustainable development goals, we focus on reducing energy consumption and reducing the carbon footprint in motorway maintenance processes. In addition, we pay attention to monitoring key elements of AmberOne’s impact on the environment, such as noise levels, the level of exhaust gasses generated by road users or water consumption, striving to reduce the negative impact on air quality, acoustic environment and taking care of sustainable water management. Our remedial measures not only ensure maximum effectiveness, but also present a modern approach to environmental issues, thus contributing to the sustainable development of the region and the preservation of its unique natural and landscape values for future generations.

For the current strategic noise map made for the A1 motorway in 2022, click the link below

strategic noise map 

Traffic is on two lanes in the direction of Gdansk and one lane in the direction of Łódź.

The Stanisławie junction is closed in the direction of Łódź.

The speed limit on the renovated section is 80 km/h.