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The system of automatic toll collection without tickets and without making payments at gates!

AmberOne A1 Motorway

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Fun with AmberOne A1 Motorway, i.e. how efficiently teach children safety rules

The school began so we are back with the campaign under the motto: STOP BY THE RULES!, which focuses on safety rules valid not only on motorways, but in cities and smaller localities as well. Our attention focuses on children who frequently move about unattended e.g. going to and coming back from school. This is why, bearing in mind that: ‘As the twig is bent…’, even the youngest children are taught the traffic rules and first aid skills.

AmberOne has devised a way to give primary school pupils excellent play-time. Deviously though, in the times of computer games and applications AmberOne has gone for the manual form of an educational game –blown up to a gigantic scale! The large-format and interactive installation with a whole series of tasks and challenges fixed to the walls, will be put up in schools is back at schools. To solve the subsequent problems and win scores the children will have to use their knowledge of traffic safety rules and first aid, backed with creativity and the skill of tracking down hints. The final to be held in each school will consist of a topical quiz combined with a blow-up of a board game where the pupils themselves will be the pawns. It looks like a lot of fun ahead! Till the end of year 2019 we will visit 3 schools. As for now please have a look  HERE at the movie from our previous edition.