Fasten Your seatbelts

Not only FASTEN THE BELTS, but do it CORRECT! We conducted an educational campaign together with Police Officers. The main goal was to promote proper belt fastening and safe transportation of children.

The inspections showed that many drivers and passengers still do not fasten their seat belts, and what is worse, children are transported without proper protection. Also, most of us are not aware that when fastening the seat belt you should pay attention to whether it is not twisted, whether it is properly tightened and whether it runs in the right places.

We decided to introduce drivers to the rules of properly fastening seat belts and transporting children. As part of the action, drivers traveling on our highway were stopped for checks on the correctness of fastening seat belts, during which they received quick training and picture instructions (download). At the same time, we promoted the principles of fastening belts in our social media: the #dopasujpasy photo competition enjoyed a great turnout.

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