Prolonged exemption from tolls on AmberOne for vehicles providing humanitarian aid in connection with the war in Ukraine.

According to the received order of the Minister of Infrastructure, vehicles (categories 1-4) providing humanitarian aid in connection with Russian armed aggression in Ukraine, regardless of the country of registration of the vehicle, will be still exempt from fees.

Rules for free travel of vehicles providing humanitarian aid to Ukraine: Please notify the journey 24 hours in advance to the address of from which the confirmation of acceptance of the application will be sent The application must contain the registration numbers of vehicles and be confirmed by the organizer of the aid, i.e. state and local government institutions, public benefit organizations (associations, foundations), etc. Exemption from tolls for humanitarian aid can only take place in the traditional toll system, which means that gates with collection service should be used, where the driver is obliged to inform the collector about the received consent to travel.

The exemption from fees for the above-mentioned vehicles will apply until March 31, 2023

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