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Safety my second name

For years, we have been running an education and information campaign under the slogan SAFETY, MY SECOND NAME, which aims to increase the level of traveler safety on Polish roads – not only on highways, but also in cities and small towns.

The campaign has many editions: we organize courses for first aid, we pay attention to the most important safety rules, we promote pro-social behavior of drivers, we educate the youngest and the oldest, we organize competitions, tournaments and quizzes.

Count to zero, i.e. zero fatal accidents on the motorway

It is worth knowing that there are four most common causes of accidents due to the fault of drivers. All of them concern simple, even basic rules of moving in road traffic. Why, then, do drivers break these rules by risking their own lives, those of their passengers and other travellers?


First Aid on A1

The ability to provide first aid is extremely important, because often it is witnesses who save lives of victims of an accident. It is important not only to gain practical competence, but also to acquire mental resilience and the belief that you can really do it.


Stop by the rules!

The campaign with the slogan STOP BY THE RULEs is devoted to the situation of emergency stopping on the highway. Education of motorway and expressway users promotes 6 golden stop rules that ensure the safety of travelers in the event of a vehicle breakdown.


Comedy series “Hold on grownups!”

A comedy series with a moral: HOLD ON GROWNUPS! it’s funny adventures of a boy’s parents. Smart Alec never overlooks the opportunity to instruct his mom or dad about the traffic rules he has at his fingertips.


Action animation “Stop by the rules!”

Animated pictorial instructions show the basic principles of safe emergency stopping on the highway. It is worth paying attention to all 6 safety rules, as well as the non-accidental order of their implementation.


Tournament at schools “Stop by the rules!”

How to effectively teach children safety rules on the road? Through play and fun! We challenged primary school students: contrary to norm, in the age of computer games, we focused on the manual form of an educational game – but on a gigantic scale!


How animals wanted to cross the road

Together with GDDKiA in Gdańsk, we run recurring classes for primary school students in Pomerania. The theme of the classes are green animal crossings, located on expressways and highways.


Cultural driver code

Road traffic regulations regulate the rules of behavior on the road, but the kindness and willingness to cooperate with each of us, car and motorcycle drivers, pedestrians and cyclists, are largely the guarantee for our safety. 


Play hopscotch, win a life

Education in the basic principles of providing first aid is important from an early age. We are constantly looking for attractive ways and methods to teach children through play. And not only children – adults also like fun!


You know – You help

Especially for young participants of our competitions, educational campaigns and first aid trainings, we designed the board game YOU KNOW – YOU HELP, which by playing helps to learn the rules of first aid and traffic.


Fasten Your seatbelts

Not only FASTEN THE BELTS, but do it CORRECT! We conducted an educational campaign together with Police Officers. The main goal was to promote proper belt fastening and safe transportation of children.


Let’s meet!

We also decided to tell a little about ourselves. The motorway is not only asphalt – it is created by people. Motorway users usually do not realize what the Operator or Concessionaire’s employees do – that’s why let’s get to know each other!


Slow down – live

Excessive speed on the road is a topic known and exploited by dozens of campaigns around the world. On highways, despite its infrastructure, it can be just as dangerous as on any other road. That is why we talk about it – briefly.


Program Amber+

For years, we have been successfully implementing the Amber + loyalty program, under which drivers traveling on our highway collect stamps for journeys and after collecting a set of stamps they receive rewards. Every year, we design and produce practical “essentials” on the road: umbrellas, flashlights, sachets, thermal mugs and much more.


Communes AmberOne

You can find everything you want to know about the municipalities along our motorway at, where we put the profiles of our neighbors. The clear layout will make it easier for travelers to find interesting places that are really worth visiting.